March 31, 2024

Daily income business in Nigeria

The recent hash economic situation has prompted a good number of people to want to start a daily income business in Nigeria to help improve their financial daily living. But the salient question is, what are these daily income businesses? Are they affordable?

In this article, we are going to talk about the type of business you can do to make money daily and how much it cost to start it. If your budget is a little above 500k, Check Top Business To Start With 500k In Nigeria

List of daily income businesses in Nigeria

As we all know, there are many businesses in Nigeria that one can start and make money daily, but we are going to list out a few of them that are more affordable to start.

  • Freelance Writing Business
  • Makeup Studio Business
  • Food Vendor Business
  • POS Business
  • Barbing Saloon.
  • Popcorn Business
  • Phone Charging Business
  • Recharge Card Business
  • Car Wash
  • Sachet What Distribution

1. Freelance Writing Business.

Daily income business in Nigeria

Freelance writing is one of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria. It has to do with you writing for media companies or individuals and get paid instantly.

With the recent speed growing bloggers and content management companies in the world, the demand for contents creator has increased. So With your writing skills, you can be sure to get paid daily. This can be done through Social Media, fiverr, and upwork.

Cost. The good thing about freelance writing is that you can start with just your phone and written skills.

2. Makeup Studio Business.

Makeup business is one of the most popular businesses in Nigeria currently. People, especially want to remain ever beautiful which in turn makes makeup artists demanding. 

So if you are looking to start a daily income business in Nigeria, then going into makeup is a wonderful decision.

Cost. To start a makeup business will require only your skills and a little amount of money to buy the items needed for work. You must not own a shop to start this business. You can stay in your house and have people calling out for a job. You can leverage on the power of word of mouth and social media marketing.

3. Food Vendor Business.

The food business is another lucrative daily income business in Nigeria since people can not live without food. There are a lot of working-class people out there who do not have time to cook their food before eating. So starting a business on this premise is a great idea. 

Cost. The most important aspect of this business is your cooking skills and a little amount of money to buy cooking items. Renting a shop is not necessary as you can cook the food in your house Hawk around or have it delivered to your customers with the help of a mobile machine.

4. POS Business.

P.o.s is any business in Nigeria that guarantees you income on daily basis. The demand for banking services in Nigeria today is high especially in the area that is not too close to the bank.

You can site your POS business close to the school where students carry out tons of banking transactions daily. At the end of every day, you go home with a profit.

Cost. A little start-up capital+POS Machine and your ability to operate it. You can hire an attendant and be paying them salary weekly or monthly.

5. Barbing Saloon

A barbing salon is basically a shop people visit to get haircuts; other services may include hair treatment, dying, dreading, and other beauty-related services. Barbing business is among daily income business in Nigeria that guarantee a profit at the end of closing business daily.

Just like makeup, people especially males can not do without barbing in order to look good, this, in turn, gives you income on daily basis.

COST. Your ability to barb professionally or employ the service of a professional barbers + shop and barbing tools.

6. Popcorn Business. 

Popcorn business is one of the small scale business you can start with a very little amount of money and make it big with proper planning and good marketing.

It’s a business that attracts daily regular patronage. With this popcorn business rightly setup, your daily income is guaranteed.

Cost. Good location+Machine.

7. Phone Charging Business

Starting a business charging people’s phones is another daily income  business in Nigeria that is highly profitable. If you are looking for a business to do that can ensure you having a means of obtaining a regular source of income then the phone charging business is the right business for you.

People can not do without their phones on and it requires a fully charged battery. So starting a phone charging business especially where there is no constant nepa light is a gold idea.

Cost. Shop+Generator+Charging equipment.

8. Recharge Card Business

Selling of Recharge card. The demand for recharge cards in this computer age is very high. There are a lot of business communications going on every second, you can leverage on the opportunity and set up a business of your Own.


Startup Capital (10k-20k). The first and most important part of every business is the startup capital. Without which you can not move to the next stage. So 20,000 or less should be enough.

2) location. Your business location plays a very vital role In the success of your business. Look for a strategic and business location to site your business for more patronage.

3) Get a supplier. Intimate the suppliers about your Recharge card selling business and Initiate a close relationship with them. At Long run, you could even get the product on credit based on the relationship.

9. Car Wash

Car wash or cleaning business is the contract of tidying up cars for people for an agreed amount of money and this business is popular in most cities in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there are over 12 million registered vehicles, so starting a car wash business in Nigeria can guarantee you an income daily.

Cost. Car watching machine 🤖+ Good location.

10. Sachet What Distribution

As a pure water distributor, you just need to buy these sachet waters in bulk directly from the pure water factories.

Distribute them to stores around your neighborhood at a slightly discounted price which includes s your gains.

This is a flexible business, so you can even start small (maybe a hundred bags for start).

Cost. Little amount of money to deposit in the factor + Means of transportation.


Like I said earlier, there are countless number of daily income business in Nigeria that can guarantee you huge returns. So beyond what we discussed above, if you have other business relevant to this discussion, you can drop it using the comment box.

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