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Hawkit review

Hawkit review (Is legit or scam?)

Before now, many people believed that making money online was impossible and that everything that made you money online was yahoo or Yahoo+ (scamming).

Before you read further. I want to authoritatively confirm ☑️ to you that Is legit. I’ve registered and have been withdrawing ever since. So you’re free to REGISTER NOW

Here are the proof of my earnings and the payment tested by me. I got the alert in less than 24 hours.

hawkit review

Let’s continue.

Of course, there are numerous scamming businesses operating online, especially when it comes to earning apps or platforms, but they don’t override the fact that there are 101 legitimate ways to make money online.

Hawkit Review

In this Hawkit review, I’ll do my best to walk you through all the processes, from what is all about,  how to make money on platform, how to register on, Hawkit referral code and of course, if platform is legit or scam.

The last two decades have witnessed the rise of a new generation of entrepreneurs. The internet has made available an array of opportunities for making money in ways that were not possible just a decade ago. If you are looking for legit ways to make money online, make sure you visit this blog as often as possible, as we promise to share our making money knowledge with you.

You can skip and scroll down if you’ve come to this website just to know about reliability. However, in order to make an informed decision regarding the earning platform, you must read this complete Hawkit review till the end.

What Is All About?

Hawkit review

Hawkit International Limited (RC 1677464) is an e-commerce company that was founded on the 1st of June 2020 and incorporated on the 22nd June 2020. They offer convenient online shopping where consumers can purchase items at prices that are below market prices.

These items are delivered to the consumers directly to their homes at no additional costs. You can sell or buy all kind of items including data and airtime.

How Does Hawkit work/How To Make Money On

First, you need to become a member by signing up for a free account and you are expected to activate your account with the sum of N1000 naira before you can start making money on the platform by doing your daily task.

After the activation, your tasks will be allocated to you daily for you to perform and earn you’ll also have access to your affiliate link. 

You can also buy data and airtime as well as social media follower on the platform at cheap rate.

Please Note. You can register free to observe the platform before you activate your account.

How To Register On Platform

To register on hawkit platform is very simple, just head over to the Sign up page And follow the instructions by entering your details and finally click register.

Is hawkit registration free

Yes. Hawkit registration is free. However, to start making money from the platform you must upgrade your account by activating it with N1,000 and it’s for a lifetime.

How To login To

Are you already a member? Here is how to login and continue doing your activities and get paid. Just visit the login page and fill in your login detail and click login.

How to earn on Hawkit/How do you earn in Hawkit Ng?

Hawkit Review

If you are in this section of hawkit review, you probably want to know how to earn on Hawkit. There are many ways on How to earn on Hawkit and I’ll explain each as you read further. Just pay attention as you read.

Social tasks

Social task is one of easiest way to earn on hawkit. You can Earn daily by performing social tasks such as follow, like, comment, share, retweet, app reviews, WhatsApp post, and more. Only the social task is enough to qualify you to withdraw daily.

How many task can I perform daily on Hawkit?

There is no specific number of tasks to be performed daily as a member. Although the minimum in most cases is 5. Of course the number of tasks depend mostly on advertisers.

Airtime data business

Airtime and data business is another sure way to earn on hawkit. You can Buy airtime or data on at up to 10% discount and sell to friends and family at normal prices. Making 10% on any transaction is enough profit if you know yous way.

Imagine having about 50 transaction daily? That’s a lot of money. So if you want to earn on hawkit, utilizing the airtime and data business opportunity will be worth it.

Buy and sell in hawkit market

You can Post your products and services on hawkit market and get thousands of buyers at your fingertips. Hawkit has a marketing section on their platform where you can sell and buy free. All that is requires of you is to become a registered members.

Referral commission

Another easiest way to earn on is through referral. You can Refer people to join hawkit and earn N500 naira instant referral commission. You also earn a 20% commission on every transaction carried out by your referral. Don’t forget to activate your account to have access to your referral link.

How to refer on Hawkit

Do you want to know how to refer on Hawkit? then this section of hawkit review is for you. To refer on hawkit is very simple, all you have to do is to get your referral link from your hawkit dashboard and start Promoting your referral link in forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, chats, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups, twitter, advertising, you can even do a pay promotion to get link visits and earn money on every member that register through your link.

Please note that, people may register with your link and do not activate their account, thereby become dormant. You can inbox them from your referral zone and convince them to activate and start earning.

Hawkit referral code

Hawkit Review

Hawkit referral code is a unique referral username needed to complete your registration.

How do I get Hawkit referral code?

To get Hawkit referral code to complete your registration is very simple. When you click Here and proceed to the registration page, the Hawkit referral code/username will be inserted automatically, however, if for any reason you can’t find it there like in screenshot above. You can use a square. just write asquare in the referral username box and you’re good to go.

When was Hawkit launched?

Do you wish to know When was Hawkit launched? Well, I’m glad to inform you that, was founded on the 1st June, 2020 and incorporated on the 22nd June, 2020.

Hawkit customer service/Hawkit customer care

Do you have any complain or feedback and you want to reach out to Hawkit customer service/Hawkit customer care? There are many ways to which you can reach Hawkit customer service.

1. Visit their support page HERE and fill the contact us form. You get response to your message in few hours.

2. If you need urgent response to your queries, you can reach Hawkit customer service via Facebook. They respond almost instantly. There you can get all your problem attended to. Here is the official Hawkit customer service Facebook page. Visit the page and send them a message.

3. You can send an email to their official Email address Although it might not be an instant as using the number 2 option.

Hawkit customer care number

Unfortunately, we could not find customer care number on the platform. However, you can use their official Email 💌  Address or using the support button in your dashboard to reach them anytime.

So, I’ve answered your question on how to reach Hawkit customer service. You can now get all your issues resolved easily.

Hawkit Whatsapp number

A lot of people are searching for Hawkit Whatsapp number so they can have easy access to the Hawkit customer service without stress. But unfortunately, at the moment does not have any WhatsApp number. You can reach them via email 💌 or Facebook messages.

Hawkit refund

Do you want to get a refund after purchasing an item on While this is possible, there are policy that guide it. Follow this link to Read and understand well. 

How to delete Hawkit account

Do you have reasons to want to delete Hawkit account? To delete your hawkit account, you must meet the below condition.

For you to cancel your membership and get a refund, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. You must be an ACTIVE Member for atleast 30 Days.
  2. You must not have a CANCELLED TASK OR FAILED TASK on your account. This means you must perform all your tasks properly and on time. You must not miss a task
  3. You have not earned up to N1,000 either through tasks or referrals
  4. You have not purchased any airtime or data worth N1,000 on the site
  5. You have not posted an advert or product on the site

If the above conditions are met, your membership will be cancelled and your membership money will be refunded back to you.

30 Days Money-back Guarantee!!!!

Hawkit review
If You Activate Your Membership with N1,000 and you don’t make at least your N1,000 back within 30 days (of course, you will make much more than that), They will refund your money back to you according to them and other hawkit review, this is the level of their confident. 100% Refund Guaranteed!

Hawkit apk download/Hawkit app

Do you need Hawkit apk download procedure? To get hawkit app on your phone is very easy. You can either go for Hawkit apk and download or visit playstore and download the app and enjoy it.

Is legit or a scam?

The question on the lips of every member or potential members of hawkit is whether is legit or not. Well, The platform is a verified legit, because I personally have tested it. And also the report we’ve gotten from other hawkit review and feedback from users so far also confirmed our findings.

If you have any first hand experience about this platform feel free to leave it in the comment section below for the sake of other users.

Hawkit payment proof

There are a lot of hawkit payment proof online. I personally have enough hawkit payment proof to show. I’ve withdrawn countless number of time and I’ve bought enough airtime with my fund earned on the platform.

So if you are looking for hawkit payment proof, below is the summary of all what I’ve earned and withdrawn from the platform as at the time of this article.

Hawkit minimum withdrawal

Hawkit Minimum Withdrawal is just ₦100. One of the common problem of the most online earning platform is the minimum withdrawal. Imagine having minimum withdrawal set to 5k and you’ve less than that in your wallet and need to attend to some urgent need? Well, this is where hawkit make a differences. Hawkit minimum withdrawal is just N100. Yes You you read it right. It’s just N100.

You can withdraw to your bank account or recharge your phone with it at a reduced price, you can withdraw at anytime you want. There is no limit to what and when you can withdraw

If you activate your membership today, you will get an additional ₦100 cashback into your wallet which you can use on the site. You can use the money in your wallet to buy airtime/data at extremely discounted prices. You can even withdraw the money directly into your bank account at the speed of light.

Has Hawkit Crashed

Has Hawkit Crashed? NO. This question of whether hawkit has crashed started emerging recently when the company was having fewer tasks for the members to perform and make their money as before.

Another issue that led to the question of whether hawkit has crashed is the issue of late withdrawal. I have seen people complaining of having their withdrawal pending for more than 3 days as against the 24hrs.

I want to let you know that, every business has it difficult time, and to answer your question. Hawkit has not crashed and can never crash.

If you are a fan of video content. Kindly check the video review below.

Who Is The Owner Of

The information about who is the CEO of is not found on the official website nor is it found on any of the hawkit review on the internet. But So if knowing who is behind the platform is part of the criteria you need to trust the platform, then you’ll have to think twice. However, the details of their contact address and physical location are on the platform.

Head Office

89, Allen Avenue,
Ikeja, Lagos

Email Address



Please be informed that the information above regarding the hawkit review may not be 100% accurate, because things may change after we’ve completed our research. We therefore will not be held accountable for any incorrect decisions made by you.

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