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Infinix note 7 price in Nigeria

Hello, welcome to the latest price hub. Previously, we talked about the iphone 12 pro max price in Nigeria, which was discussed extensively to the best of our understanding, and today, we will be talking about Infinix Note 7 Price In Nigeria.

While I was surfing the internet, I came to understand that many people are seeking to know more about the price of the Infinix Note 7 in Nigeria.  They ask questions like.

  • How much is Infinix Note 7 Nigeria?
  • How much is Note 7 in Jumia?
  • How much is Infinix Note 7 in Slot?
  • Where can I buy Infinix Note 7 in Nigeria?

So in this article, we are going to discuss in detail about Infinix Note 7 Price In Nigeria and other neighboring countries. we’ll also talk about the key attributes in the phone that might influence your decision to buy the phone or not. We’ll also try our best to provide answers to the above questions.

How Much Is Infinix Note 7 Now In Nigeria?

Without wasting much time. Infinix Note 7 price in Nigeria is between the range of 76,000 to 78,000 Naira, depending on some obvious factors. As you read further, you’ll discover some possible factors that can determine the of phones and other products in Nigeria.

Factors That Determined The Price Of Phone And Other Products In Nigeria.

Just like every other product, there are several factors that can determine Infinix Note 7 Price In Nigeria. Which are:-

  • Location
  • Time of purchase 

1) location. Location is one of the key determinants in the Price of iPhone 12 pro max in Nigeria. This is because those living in the urban area are likely to get it at a cheaper rate compared to those living in the rural areas.

While those in the urban area can get it slightly higher than the company price, the cost of transportation and other expenses are calculated and added for those living in the rural areas.

2) Time Of Purchase. Time of purchase is no doubt a great determinant infinix note 7 price in Nigeria, this is because, at every festive season, like Christmas and New year, the price of most products in Nigeria increases, this I believe is due to the increase in demand and also the high cost of the transportation.

Key Specifications Of Infinix Note 7

Infinix note 7 price in Nigeria

Infinix Note 7 was released on April 6, 2020, taking the spot of its predecessor in the market. There are key features on Note 7 that slightly differentiate it from the previous version.

  • 95″ HD+ Infinity-O display
  • Side-Mounted Fingerprint and Face unlock
  • Helio G70 High game engine
  • Dual speakers DTS®Audio Processing
  • 48MP Quad AI camera
    1080P low-light video camera
  • 5000mAh battery
    18W Supercharge 3.0

Infinix Note 7 price in Ghana

How much is infinix Note 7 in Ghana? If you are interested in knowing the actual cost of infinite note 7 in Ghana, then you are in the right place.

Infinix Note 7 price in Ghana starts at GH₵ 990. However, the price is not constant as it can change with time.

infinix note 7 price in Nigeria slot

The price of infinix note 7 in the slot is slightly high, the price start at N89,000, however, the price is subject to change. So you can order it and get it delivered to you.

infinix note 7 price in Nigeria Julia

Infinix Note 7 is sold about 100,000 on jumia, this price is a bit high but this includes the delivery service fee..

Where can I buy Infinix Note 7 in Nigeria?

You can buy infinite note 7 in Nigeria from online store like Jumia, Slot, Konga and the rest. You can equally Buy it from the local store close to you.

PLEASE NOTE. The information provided here may not be 100% accurate as prices are not constant and is subject to change.

If you have more questions regarding this topic, you can use the comment box or CONTACT US So we can discuss it.

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