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most beautiful states in Nigeria

There is no doubt that Nigeria is a beautiful country. With its diverse landscape and rich culture, it is no wonder that people from all over the world are drawn to her shores. However, not all parts of Nigeria are equally beautiful. Some states are naturally more endowed than others.

The 10 Most Beautiful States In Nigeria

Here is a list of the ten most beautiful states in Nigeria, based on factors such as natural scenery, cultural attractions, and overall vibrancy.

Abuja State

The city of Abuja was built with the intention of relocating the nation’s capital to a state with a significantly lower population.

The capital’s ascension to the top rank has been aided by top-notch city planning and high-quality infrastructure.

The state has had the honor of having its biggest recreational park opened by the United Kingdom’s Elizabeth II in December 2003. Designed by the architect Manfredi Nicoletti, Millennium park has grown tremendously over the years becoming a hotspot for tourists and families just looking to have a good time.

A park located in Gwarinpa, near the residence of the minister of the Federal Capital Territory houses a badminton and basketball court with a wide variety of sports equipment and facilities, making it the perfect park for the average sports enthusiast.

While Gwarinpa has sports facilities, Wuse 2 has a 4D cinema, paintball arena, astroturf, lawn tennis court, and a variety of exotic restaurants.

The beauty of the state can be majorly attributed to its beautiful green lands, but not restricted to. ECOWAS building, the National Stadium, and many more landmarks can be found in the Nation’s Capital.

Lagos State

Lagos state is noted for being the state’s financial and economic capital. Ikeja, Victoria Island, and Lekki are some of the state’s most beautiful areas.

These places are recognized for their luxurious hotels and lovely atmosphere. Lagos is widely regarded as the most populous metropolis in West Africa.

Enugu State

Enugu, often known as the coal city, is another beautiful state in Nigeria, with a fantastic topography and attractive features in its capital city.

The state is also home to Enugu’s Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, which is both beautiful and popular.

The Independence Layout, New Haven, Enugu GRA, and the Achara Layout are some of the nicest areas to live.

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Port Harcourt is the capital of Rivers State, which is one of Nigeria’s oil-producing states. Because of its brilliance and beauty, the state capital is known as the garden city.

Bonny Island is one of the most picturesque regions in Rivers State, located on the southern coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Finima Beach and Bonny Nature Park are two of Rivers State’s most appealing attractions.


The River Kaduna, which is one of Nigeria’s major rivers, gave the state its name. This is a lovely state in Nigeria, with numerous tourist attractions that add to the state’s appeal. Matsirga Falls, Kamuku National Park, Kaduna Museum, Kajuru Castle, Lugard Foot Bridge, Trapco Ranch and Resort, and many others are among these fascinating attractions. The GOMSU Remedial Admissions List for 2021/2022 is now available.

Green grasslands, scattered short trees, and shrubs characterize the state. Kaduna is the country’s third-largest metropolis by landmass and is located in the northern region of the country. Despite the terrorist group’s negative reputation as a result of their acts, the state’s security forces responded quickly to undermine it.

Cross River State

Cross River is one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria, famous in the state include the Obudu cattle ranch and Tinapa resort, Calabar, the capital of the state is arguably the most beautiful city in Cross River.

Acclaimed to be the neatest and greenest state in Nigeria, it has a variety of tourist attractions which include; Cross River National Park, National Museum, Slave Museum, and many more.

Delta State

The oil-rich Delta state is known for its beauty particularly the Warri area of the state. The road network in this part of Delta is really good and the buildings and constructions are quite organized.

Some of the interesting tourist attraction in the state includes the likes of the Palace of the Olu of Warri, Chief Nana’s Palace, Effurun Garden Park, Abraka Turf and Country Club, Abraka River Resort Motel and the Golden Tulip Hotels.

If you’re looking for what a modern market looks like in Uwie Modern Market or the Delta Shopping Mall.

You can also visit the Warri Township Stadium which is the 20000 capacity stadium and the home of the football club, Warri Wolves.

Akwa Ibom State

Also, known as the Land of Promise, Akwa Ibom is one of the beautiful states in the country.

Some of the tourist attractions in Akwa Ibom is Ibom Plaza Uyo, Ibeno Beach, National Museum Uyo, the Lord Lugard’s Residence and many more.

Akwa Ibom is also home to several 5-star hotels which you can find in Uyo. Also, Uyo which is known for its excellent road network and beautiful landscape.

The state is home to the popular Godswill Akpabio International Stadium which is an all-seater national sports stadium located in Uyo.


Ondo State is among the beautiful states in South West and its capital is Akure. The capital city is known for its beautiful and natural landscape. Ondo State is also known as the Sunshine state and the home to the Yoruba tribe.

The state has an appreciable topography, natural beauty made up of rocks, beautiful scenery, and infrastructures. Ondo State has an interesting history of rocks that dates back to 900BC, forest, cocoa, waterfalls, cotton farms, tobacco, and captivating hills in an urban environment.

Imo State

Known for the popular Oguta Lake, Ada Palm plantation and the Mbari Cultural and Art centre all in Owerri, Imo state has one of the most beautiful capital cities in the country.

The Ada Palm Plantation is said to be one of the most viable oil palm plantations in West Africa

Owerri is said to be the Glory of the East. The city is beautiful with a good nightlife and lighting. The landscape is well laid out and the structures in the city are quite alluring.


Nigeria is a large and diverse country, home to dozens of different cultures and landscapes. While beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, we believe that these ten states are some of the most beautiful in the country. If you’ve never visited Nigeria before, we encourage you to do so soon – you won’t be disappointed!

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