March 31, 2024

Portable Net Worth 2023 and His Biography 

Nigeria risen artist, Portable has a net worth of $700,000 which is estimated to be N322,231,000.00 in Naira. Portable gain his fame and success at year, 2022, with his popular music name, “Zazzuu.”

Now you’ve known little about his net worth, let’s talk about who he is.

Who is Portable?Portable Net Worth

Portable is a Nigerian fast risen artist who has features in many music with top Nigerian musician named, Olamide. 

Portable real name is, Habeeb Okikola. He was raised at Ogun State according to that, he is a Yoruba by tribe. Many researchers claimed him to be a Muslim by religion.

Portable is one among the controversial artist. He had some misunderstanding with the popular Nigerian artist, Davido, in year, 2022, during Davido’s uncle campaign party which he has later reconciled with him.

Many claimed Portable to be going crazy or running mad as they way he dressed and compare himself to other popular artist affirming to be more than them.

Now you’ve known some attributes about portable. Let’s talk about when he started his career.

When Did Portable  Started His Career?

Portable unlike other tope artist wasn’t born in a golden family. He begun his singing career at year 2016 wishing to be at the top but things doesn’t went well as he planned.

He didn’t achieve his goals nor aspirations as an artist yet he didn’t give up striving. His fame and success begun to manifest at the ending of year 2021.

He became popular when he was feature into a music with a popular artist name, Olamide; the song was known to be, “Zazzuu” it became extremely global which make his name to be heard all over the world now.

Portable is a young artist who don’t give up easily, he has an aspirations in life despite all the negative things he has been hearing and people are saying about him. He wants move by it but remain focused on his journey.

Now you’ve known when Portable begun his career as an artist. Let us talk about where he make his money.

Where Do Portable Make His Money?

This is one of the question that is ringing around the internet seeking for any answer. However, in this article, I’ll answer it.

According to researchers, Portable make his money from his music career. Internet has confirmed that he made his money from streaming platform where he got paid ranging from $0.002 to $0.005 per stream.

According to the popular streaming platform, Spotify, he has over 10 million streams. 

If you are to estimate it, you would realized that he made over $20k to $50k from the total streams he has aside other of his lucrative business.

Now that you have known his source of income or worth which is from his stream music especially. Let’s talk about his net worth.

Portable Net Worth 2023

Portable Net Worth is $150000 which is estimated to be 67800 million naira. This is all gathered from the streaming platform he has from his stream music.

Why Was Portable Arrested?

Few days ago, the news of the Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola alias Portable (Zazuu) broke the internet which lead to the question of Why was Zazu arrested? According to report, Portable was arrested for an assault on police officer after refusing to honored the invite of police for questioning. You can read more Here

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