May 11, 2024

Richest Kids In NigeriaWithout a doubt nigeria is blessed with  many rich kids who have distinguished themselves from their age mates by  nurturing their God-given talents, so if  you want to learn more about the top 10 richest kids in nigeria stay  glue and read this video until the end.

1). First on the list is Emmanuella

Emmanuella is a famous kid celebrity  whose comedies kits with a cousin mac  angel made her famous. She is among the few popular Nigerian comedians on  youtube with millions of subscribers and  views.

Born on june 22nd 2010 in port Harcourt, this young prodigy hails from Imo states, since the first appearance in comedy skits, Emmanuel has attracted several  endorsement deals to her credit, she was proclaimed the youngest recipient during the afro-australian music and movie awards armor  despite her young age.

Emmanuella as the Number 1 on the list of Top 10 Richest Kids In Nigeria, Her net worth is  estimated to be 25 billion Naira.

2). Success madubooki

Aunt i-success is a famous nudging kid  comedian and a youtube personality who  rose to fame through her appearances and  mark angel comedy skits  and the success is currently the cousin  of mac angel and emmanuella samuel.

She was born in port Harcourt rivers state  where she lives with her family,  success is also one of the popular cast  comedian on marc angel comedy after Emanuela, her net worth is 10 million Naira.

3). Destiny boy.

At 13 years old destiny boy became  nigeria’s youngest fuji pop artist after  releasing a cover of davido’s it’s song  titled (if). It went viral and marked the beginning  of fame wealth and popularity for the  young entertainer.

His real name is Hafiz adeshino and he was born and bred in agege. In an online publication he disclosed that his environment and upbringing influences his love for fuji music.

His talent has not gone unnoticed as it now links up with some of Nigeria’s musical stars. Destiny boy net worth is estimated to be 8 million Naira.

4). Mary  love edwards.

Mary love edwards is a young kid celebrity, tennis superstar currently rated one of the best in africa in an age bracket, nicknamed nigeria serena.

Mary love edwards help the first u.s account on a winning note by the popular openent with ease to win the usta celsius level  6 girls 14 and other tournament.

She began playing tennis at the age of four and since then has climbed a lot of  success till date. In 2018, she won the 2018 west and  central african junior championship qualifiers after defeating kumba of mali. Mary love edwards net worth is estimated  to be 15 million Naira.


OZZY BOSCO is just 11 years and has been  listed among the wealthiest younger  entertainer in nigeria in 2022. Born ozio machu ku mojiku is properly known by his nickname ozybee.

Having discovered his talent and passion for music early, his family nurtured him into a recognized international  recording artist OZZY has featured on an international scene in britain’s got talent show which saw his performance end in a befitting standing ovation from the audience.

He has also been invited to an african  summit to recognize his humanitarian  walks on a global stage not only has OZZY career as a recording  artist been a success but he has also excelled in all the areas is reportedly  worth 20 million Naira.


Amarachi Oyene born on june 17 2004  emerged as the winner of nigeria’s got  talent show in 2012 and went home with a  10 million hour prize  on the heels of a glorious win at the  talent show.

She released her first single Amarachi dance after which she featured niger’s best eboo rapper finno in a song over sabi within a short time she received positive reviews from radio stations and musical directors.

Although amarachi is from imo state, she grew up in delta  state and began dancing at the age of  five she now runs a talent academy to  find and help other children discover  their talent. Her combined net worth is 30 million naira

8). Egypt Ufy Ufele.

The story of Ify Ufele is one that inspires young people not to be put up by physical shortcomings and the pressure of society.  before she founded her clothing brand chubby line Ify said in an interview that she was bullied due to her chubby size, that did not deter her from carving a name for herself.

Ify learned how to sew from her grandmother when she was just three years  when she was five years old she could  already handle a proper sewing machine  today she has become a force to be  reckoned with in the fashion industry as  a clothing line caters for people of all shapes and sizes.

The talented fashion genius knows how to  manipulate african fabrics into foreign  designs and can create a masterpiece  whenever she handles a fashion project.  arise the famous scene i’ll feature in  the new york fashion week to showcase her design.

Ify Ufele is one of nigeria’s youngest kid celebrities whose estimated net worth is 10 million Naira.

9). Mumpha junior

Mumpha jr is the son of billionaire CEO  Mohamed Lawal Mustafa also known as Mumpha. Since his father is a billionaire this makes Mumpha jr the hair apparent of  his father’s investment in asset including the bureau de change.

10). DJ young money

Dj young money took after his father in  the disc jockey business he’s just an 11  year old dj and has already performed for nigeria’s presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu. DJ young money currently on the k nation entertainment boasts of a 20 millionaire net worth

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