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The cryptocurrency industry in Nigeria is growing at a rapid pace. With more and more people investing in cryptocurrencies, the industry is only going to get bigger. And with the industry growing, so too are the number of people becoming rich from trading cryptocurrencies.Top 10 Richest Crypto Traders In Nigeria

In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 richest crypto traders in Nigeria. We will be looking at their backgrounds, how they made their money, and what their current net worth is.

It is no secret that Nigeria has become a hotbed for cryptocurrency trading activity in recent years. With a young and tech-savvy population, it is no surprise that more and more Nigerians are getting involved in the world of cryptocurrency.

But who are the richest crypto traders in Nigeria? Here is a list of the top 10 richest crypto traders in Nigeria, based on their estimated net worth.

Top 10 Richest crypto traders in Nigeria and their net worth

Below is the list of the current richest Crypto Traders In Nigeria, check them out and make your contribution at the end of the article using the comment section. 

Gaius Chibueze (Bitcoin chief)

Gaius Chibueze is the CEO of Tatcoin and the Bitnetwork. Global technology firm The ABiT network is developing blockchain-powered solutions with an emphasis on the African population.

Gaius is a well-known cryptocurrency trader who has educated hundreds of students in Nigeria on how to trade cryptocurrencies profitably.

In 2019, he was regarded as one of the best cryptocurrency traders, per the Binance trader rankings. The Association of Nigerian Bloggers recognized Gaius as the “Most Popular Nigerian on Social Media” in 2016.

Over 5,000 copies of his two books, “How Bitcoin Changed My Life” and “Get Rich Off the Net,” have been sold on Amazon. Gaius formerly served as a senator’s senior media adviser at the National Assembly in Abuja.

Chris Ani

Chris Ani is an Enugu state-born cryptocurrency investor. He was raised in the Nigerian state of Lagos, where he was born.

Chris Ani encouraged young people to pursue agriculture by founding the company “Big brains of Agric” after graduating from high school.

He established the “Cryptohub” bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading education platform in 2017. Chris Ani is one of the proponents of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; he has often encouraged Nigerians to purchase bitcoin and cautioned them not to lose out on cryptocurrency.

In an effort to teach Nigerians how to trade and profit from the cryptocurrency market, Chris purchased his first bitcoin in 2016 and later established Digital Abundance Business Academic (DABA).

Linus Williams Ifejika

Bitcoin Lord (Linus Williams Ifejika) is a cryptocurrency business owner, coach, and dealer of bitcoin. When the EFCC detained Bitcoin Lord, also known as B-Lord, along with 13 other people on suspicion of perpetrating a crime fraud, he made headlines.

One of the wealthiest bitcoin traders in Nigeria, B-lord also owns a number of businesses, including the B-Lord bitcoin store, the B-Lord gadget store, the B-Lord luxury store, and the B-Lord cars.

B-lord reportedly left his parents’ home at the age of 17, became millionaire at 20, got married at 21, and had a child at 22. He also posted on Instagram that he got married at 21.

Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe

Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe is a cryptocurrency trader, analyst, and expert in the foundations of cryptocurrencies in Nigeria. He is the owner of the website, which educates users on how to trade cryptocurrencies profitably.

Along with Chris Ani, Gaius Chibueze, and many others, Tola is a well-known figure in the Nigerian crypto community.

Fidelis Ozuawal

Fidelis grew up having a passion for technology and fixing broken home appliances. Additionally, he has in the past set up internet for clients who paid him a little fee.

At a time when websites were still in their infancy, Fidelis created mobi and wapka websites. Additionally, he developed Waploaded on the WordPress platform, growing it into one of Nigeria’s most well-known websites.

Millions of people visit every day from countries including Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.

He trades cryptocurrencies as well, and he runs a school where he teaches others how to do it while also providing alerts for profitable trades.

Ifeanyi ezenwaogene

Ifeanyi ezenwaogene is well known in the Nigerian cryptocurrency community and is a divisive character that divides opinion among colleagues and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Through his programs, which go beyond bitcoin, he has assisted thousands (if not millions) of young people in Nigeria in achieving financial independence.

He is the creator of Fortune Beach Academy, a website that provides training in a variety of ways to make money, including financial, health, fitness, design, cinematography, IT & software, legal, personal development, public speaking, marketing, and social media. To learn more, go to

Ifeanyi established the Crypto Fortune platform, which aids users in profiting from the cryptocurrency market. It provides a premium group through which you can access signals.

Adekunle Daniel

Mr. Adekunle Daniel is the creator, managing director, and CEO of Block Stale, a blockchain firm that specializes in using user-friendly hardware and software to address urgent global financial issues. The first bitcoin Automated Teller Machine to be installed in Africa was created, designed, and developed by him.

Daniel started trading digital assets in 2009. His trading background inspired him to be passionate about digital assets. He saw the unrelenting global shift toward digitalization as a fantastic chance for his business to expand.

On the basis of certain strong convictions, he took the risk to pioneer the big idea in Nigeria and Africa.

Yele Badamosi

The CEO and managing director of Bundle Wallet Technology Ltd., a cryptocurrency platform influenced by WeChat’s popularity in Southeast Asia, is Mr. Yele Badamosi. Badamosi, a founding partner at Microtraction and a previous director at Binance Labs, is focused on promoting the widespread use of digital assets in Africa.

He has introduced Bundle, a social payment software for both fiat and cryptocurrency, within the Binance ecosystem. The product is a wallet that makes it simple to purchase, sell, and store digital assets including BNB, BTC, ETH, and BUSD as well as to send, request, and receive cash.

Buchi Okoro

The CEO of well-known Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange Quidax is Buchi Okoro. The launch of Quidax occurred sometime in 2016.

Quidax was created by Buchi Okoro and Uzo Awili as they struggled to convert their cryptocurrencies to naira.

They then created a WhatsApp group where people could buy and sell bitcoins after determining that many other people must have been facing the same problem.

Hanu Fejiro Agbodje

Entrepreneur and UI designer Hanu Fejiro Agbodje is from Nigeria and serves as the CEO of Patricia Technologies, a well-known cryptocurrency and gift card platform.

He graduated from the University of Port Harcourt with a degree in mathematics and statistics, and he founded Patricia in 2017 as a result of his difficulties in locating a place to sell the gift cards that his uncle had given him.

Millions, if not billions, of transactions have been handled by Patricia, which has evolved to be a multibillion-naira business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Who is the richest cryptocurrency trader in Nigeria?

According the latest report, the richest cryptocurrency trader in Nigeria is Okeke Chibuikem Sinclair

Okeke Chibuikem Sinclair is a Nigerian millionaire entrepreneur who serves as CEO of Clairhub Enterprises, a fast-growing cryptocurrency trading company that focuses on providing smooth crypto transactions to people around the world.

Is crypto trading a crime in Nigeria?

Yes. Cryptocurrencies trading in Nigeria may not be recognized by the CBN as legal tender or a form of exchange, nevertheless, it is not illegal as no law or legislation contains provisions criminalizing their using it.


Thank you for reading this article concerning the top 10 richest crypto traders in Nigeria. Please note that this list is not in order of their riches as we can’t at the moment decide how much each of them worth.

We hope to do so in the future as we intend updating this list time to time to accommodate new people as the emerge. I hope this article was helpful to you.

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