Top 10 Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2023

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Starting a business can be a rewarding and exciting venture, and Nigeria with over 218 million people in population, is a country with many opportunities for entrepreneurs.

However, before venturing into entrepreneurship, it is advisable to do thorough market research and plan carefully before starting any business.

Consider consulting with a business mentor or joining a local entrepreneurship group for guidance and support. E get why.

Before you read further, you may want to check our previous aricle where we discussed on the business ideas for women in 2023. You read and make contribution and possibly share with friends.

Top 10 Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2023

Business Ideas In Nigeria

Below, are a few business ideas that could be lucrative in Nigeria in 2023:

1). Online Retail: With the growth of e-commerce in Nigeria, starting an online retail business could be a great opportunity. Consider selling products in a niche market, such as fashion, home decor, or health and wellness.

Starting an online retail business can be a lucrative opportunity, particularly in a country like Nigeria where e-commerce is growing rapidly. There are a few key steps to consider when starting an online retail business:

  • Choose a niche: It’s important to choose a specific niche or product category to focus on, rather than trying to sell a wide range of products. This will allow you to better target your marketing efforts and stand out in a crowded market.
  • Source products: Once you have identified your niche, you’ll need to find a way to source the products you want to sell. This could involve partnering with a manufacturer or wholesaler, or importing products from another country.
  • Build an online presence: To sell products online, you’ll need to build an online presence, which typically includes a website or e-commerce platform. There are many options available, including platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce that allow you to easily set up an online store.
  • Market your business: Marketing is key to the success of any online retail business. This could involve using social media, email marketing, paid advertising, or other tactics to reach potential customers.
  • Fulfill orders: Once you start receiving orders, you’ll need to handle the fulfillment process, which includes packing and shipping the products to customers.
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2.) Food Delivery Service:

A food delivery service is a service that delivers food to customers at their homes, offices, or other locations. This can be done through a variety of means, such as by car, bike, or even on foot.

Many food delivery services partner with local restaurants, allowing customers to order from a variety of different menus and have their food delivered to them. Some food delivery services also offer their own menus, which may include prepared meals, grocery items, and other items.

To use a food delivery service, customers typically place an order through a website or app, specifying the items they would like to purchase and the location where they would like the food delivered.

The food delivery service then arranges for the food to be picked up from the restaurant or other location and delivered to the customer. Some food delivery services charge a delivery fee, while others may offer free delivery for orders above a certain amount.

With the busy schedules of many people in Nigeria, a food delivery service could be a popular and lucrative business. As mentioned earlier, Consider partnering with local restaurants and offering delivery to customers.

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3.) Freelance Services:

Freelance services refer to work that is performed on a project-by-project basis, rather than as a regular employee of a company. Freelancers are self-employed individuals who offer their skills and services to clients on a temporary or project-specific basis.

They may work in a variety of fields, including writing, graphic design, photography, web development, marketing, and more.

Freelancers often have the flexibility to choose the projects they work on and set their own schedules. They may work from home or from a co-working space, and they may work for multiple clients at the same time.

Freelancers are responsible for managing their own finances, including paying their own taxes and providing their own benefits such as health insurance.

There are many platforms available that allow freelancers to connect with clients looking for their services. These platforms typically provide a way for freelancers to create profiles and showcase their skills and experience, and for clients to browse profiles and hire freelancers for specific projects. Some popular platforms for finding freelance work include Upwork, Fiverr, and

With the rise of remote work, there is a growing demand for freelancers in a variety of fields, such as writing, graphic design, and social media management. Consider offering your skills and expertise as a freelancer.

4.) Home Maintenance Services: With the busy schedules of many people in Nigeria, there is a growing demand for home maintenance services, such as cleaning, painting, and handyman services. Consider starting a business that offers these services to homeowners.

5.) Agriculture: Nigeria is a country with a large agricultural sector, and there is always demand for fresh produce. Consider starting a farm or greenhouse and supplying local markets with fresh fruits and vegetables.

6.) Healthcare: Nigeria’s healthcare system is facing a number of challenges, including a shortage of trained medical professionals and inadequate facilities and equipment.

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Starting a business that provides healthcare services or supplies could be a lucrative opportunity, particularly if it focuses on addressing specific needs within the healthcare system.

7.) Technology: Nigeria’s tech sector is growing rapidly, and there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to start businesses that provide technology-related products or services.

This could include everything from software development and IT services to hardware sales and repair.

8.) Logistics: With a large and growing population, there is a significant demand for logistics services in Nigeria, including transportation and warehousing. Starting a business that provides these services could be a lucrative opportunity.

9.) Real estate: Nigeria’s real estate market is experiencing significant growth, and there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to start businesses that buy, sell, or develop real estate properties.

This could include everything from residential properties to commercial buildings and land development.

10.) Manufacturing: Nigeria has a large and diverse manufacturing sector, and there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to start businesses that produce a wide range of products.

This could include everything from consumer goods to industrial equipment.

Please note. It’s important to carefully research and assess the market and competition before starting any business, and to have a clear plan for how to differentiate your business and attract customers.

In conclusion, there are many potential business opportunities in Nigeria in 2023. Some potential areas to consider include e-commerce, digital marketing, renewable energy, agriculture, education, healthcare, technology, logistics, real estate, and manufacturing.

To increase the chances of success, it’s important to carefully research and assess the market and competition, and to have a clear plan for how to differentiate your business and attract customers.

Remember, Starting a business can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor, and it’s important to be prepared, flexible, and willing to adapt to changing market conditions.


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